Any Good Toll Free Prank Numbers?

1-800 numbers
by Ken Lund

Question by BooDog: Any Good Toll Free Prank Numbers?
I have Skype for talking to people on the internet. I want to use it for prank calling but don’t want to buy Skype credit. The toll free calling is free on it so I was wondering if anyone has any 1-800 or 1-866 numbers that are really good for prank calling.

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Answer by Geoff S
Here’s a trick for you —
Since toll free numbers are free on Skype, call 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411) It’s a free directory service that connects your calls for free so you can call practically anywhere you want for free whether they have a toll free number set up or not. There’s a few voice bridges you can get into this way. Voice bridges are conference calls where everyone who calls in gets connected together. The prank call “group” Phone Losers of America uses these:
Call GOOG 411 and ask for —
Max Wellhouse, Lexington, Kentucky
Phone Losers of America, Cincinnati, Ohio — when connected, the code is 752 (PLA) to get into the room
Beehive Voice Bridge, Wendover, Utah

Try the above after 8PM eastern time and especially on weekends for best results. Have your friends call too and talk to each other until someone else shows up. The regular phone numbers for the above are:
Just in case your friends have free long distance and free nights and weekends on their cell phones then you can all talk for free. People often three way in other places to prank together. Skype can three way and conference call so you can bring the pranks to everyone. Have fun!

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