Do you know Santa Claus real phone number?

Question by Rexie R: Do you know Santa Claus real phone number?
To show I am not your “A” typical black,white.latin or asian or native in the south: I have santa’s real phone number 1-877-835-7268 and I thank them for it. And a funny attached true story to share when I caught “The Jolly Ole Elf” parked in a “no parking place”.

To whom it may concern as the song goes from kids that are 8 or below and up to 92 everybody loves Santa Claus so here is his phone number. But just a brief war story. Way back when …when I was doing private security at one of the local malls. The Jolly Ole Elf Mr. Kris Kringle parked in back of where food court was in a firelane. I got out my truck to see him pulling out his bag of goodies for the boys and girls. He saw me in my official attire and my badge. “I’ll move officer” he said. Perish the thought Santa Claus I said to him. What would my kids think if I gave “santa Claus” a ticket (lol) HERE’S HIS PHONE NUMBER and pls pass it on visit the web site 1-877-835-7268 it is absolutely FREE. Shalom

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Answer by xtrinitivex
You have his 800 number, but are you cool enough to have his cell?!
(Good idea by the way! Happy Holiday’s!)

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