i can not dial numbers(1-800-….) with majicjack?

1-800 numbers
by tkksummers

Question by moh: i can not dial numbers(1-800-….) with majicjack?
i don t know why it s impossible to dial free phone number like 1-800-…it says ”the number u are calling is temporarily unavailable”
help please
first thanks joe for the interest, yes i tried calling the toll free number from cellular and it works,but with skype it doesnt work,it says’telephone network error”same thing as magicjack’ ”’the number u are calling is temporarily unavailable”.i tried1-800-444-4444 and it works perfectly.some tallfree number works,but other one doesnt, like 1800 668 1238 or1-888-819-7330 1 888 910-1999
i had contact the support of magicjack and they had proposed at first time to update my magicjack ,second time formating , but without resolving the probleme,at the end they says to me that they will transfer this to engeniring departement.and they will contact me by email later, so 2 week a go and no email yet

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Answer by joe r
have you tried calling the toll free number from a different phone line, or service provider, skype and gizmo5 also provide free termination to toll free numbers with out the need to purchace calling credits..

have you tried other toll free numbers?
try 1-800-444-4444 this is MCI and will just read back your phone number…
try 1-866-my-ani-is this is also a number that will read back your phone number..
if those work, and the number you are trying to call does not work, then either the owner of the toll free number is having a problem with there number, or phone system…. or they may be blocking calls from your location… since the owner of the toll free number pays for the call, they can limit what locations are able to call them…

strange that some toll free numbers would work while others do not… and you have verified that the numbers that you can not get thru with magic jack are working with other phone providers service… i would contact magic jack “tech support” – i put the quotes because it is nearly non-existent.. just a chat with a representative on there web site… it must be something on there end that they need to look into…

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