Why is cvs charging $ 1.49 per fax page wirh a toll free 800number?

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by eyewash

Question by : Why is cvs charging $ 1.49 per fax page wirh a toll free 800number?
I did not see a post for a fax price,so I had them fax 9 pages to a 800 number and it cost me $ 13.41. I ask why so high and she said that’s what they are being charged even with a 800 number .800 # are toll free,right?

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Answer by Dan
They charge this rate simply because they can. Sending a fax to a toll-free number literally costs them nothing except the labor of the person that’s putting your fax in the machine and taking your money. But for people that rarely need to send a fax, there’s not much choice, so they go to FedEx or CVS or a “postal center”, where they have a fax machine and send for or per page. They figure if you need to send or receive faxes more than a few times a year, you’d have your own fax machine. But since you don’t you’re willing to pay for the use of theirs. Personally, I use a service from FaxLogic that costs me a month (they have cheaper options, all the way down to , but I like the particular set of features I get at the rate). In any case, I use it with an all-in-one printer/copier/scanner/fax machine; it works just like having a regular phone line at a fraction of the cost. I don’t think this is a good option if you only need to fax once or twice a year, but at .41 per transaction, it doesn’t take too many faxes to cover the FaxLogic service.

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