The Benefits of Using Vanity Phone Number for Car Dealerships

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Looking for an interesting Vanity phone number for Car Dealerships is the essential thing that every car dealer owner needs to do when they start this business. Why? Indeed, people prefer to use the internet, online booking, or application to order the service that they want today. However, the phone number is still necessary because of its impression and safety. Let’s talk more about the reason why a vanity phone number is needed for a car dealer below.

It Gives a Good Impression

First of all, the vanity phone number puts a good and reliable impression on your car dealer business. The number shows your legality and reality to the customer or the potential customer out there. Many car dealerships that don’t have this number tend to scam their customers. Moreover, they don’t even have the product and the physical store. That only hurts many people and customers that need a car from that company.

So, by showing them that your company has the phone number, moreover the vanity phone number, your customer will know that you are real. You run that business and intend to provide the service for them. If they have a problem or question about your service or product, they know what number they should call. With that kind of mindset, it creates a good impression in the customer’s mind. Many car dealerships even get more customers because of their vanity phone numbers. So, it is like a marketing tool as well.

The Number is Safer than the Standard Phone Number

It is difficult to copy the vanity phone number and fake it as other private numbers. Therefore, it is almost impossible for other people to use your car dealership’s vanity phone number for their benefit. So, the business that has this number will also protect their customer. They can avoid becoming a victim of a scam or other crime by using the phone line.

You Can Use It for Marketing

One of the unique characteristics of vanity phone numbers is the number sequence and structure. Unlike the standard phone number that consists of only numbers, the vanity phone is different. This service can also add an alphabet or even a word into your phone number sequence. Many car dealers use this feature to promote their business.

The basic and common usage for a car dealer is adding the business type they run, such as AUTO, SELL CAR, or just CAR, in their vanity phone number. However, depending on the provider, you can make various modifications to your vanity phone number. Use your creativity to get the right word that has a strong impact. Of course, you can also consult with your advertising team or other advertising company to help you choose it.

The addition of words or letters in a car dealership phone number will help the customer remember that number without any problem. Furthermore, if you choose the right words, your business could always come in as their first option whenever they want to buy a car or sell theirs. Once your phone number creates this effect, that means you have a powerful marketing tool that can bring more customers to your store.

Promoting Your Service

The marketing part above may also cover this part. However, we would like to explain it more because it is also one of the benefits of using the vanity phone number for a car dealer. In short, with this number, you can also add many words and form a sentence with them. Then, you can use that sentence to send the message to people that you provide a specific service.

To make it clear, here are two examples, 1-888-888-AUTO and 1-800-DISCOUNT.

Both phone number sequences display the sentence that tells the people about the service they can get from that car dealer. The first one is the 60 seconds approval. So, if your car dealer also offers a car loan with fast approval, you can try this type of phone number. And, the other one is also a good thing to show that you provide the product at the most affordable prices.


Vanity phone numbers have so many benefits for the car dealer business. Therefore, if you plan to change your current business phone number with a vanity phone number, do not hesitate. You won’t regret it. Your new number will attract more people and affect your business sales and growth. Try it from basic or standard numbers first. And, you can count on our service for that, because for Car dealers we have 800-305-CARS, USA-CARS, 800-232-LOAN