What happens if you dial *# 31

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Understanding Caller ID Blocking

Caller ID blocking is a feature that allows users to prevent their phone number from being displayed to the person they are calling. When caller ID blocking is enabled, the person receiving the call will see a message such as “private number” or “unknown caller” instead of the caller’s phone number. *#31# is a code that can be used to temporarily disable caller ID blocking for a single call.

How *#31# Works

When you dial *#31# before making a call, the caller ID blocking feature is temporarily disabled for that call only. This means that the person you are calling will be able to see your phone number, even if you have previously enabled caller ID blocking. Once the call is complete, the caller ID blocking feature is automatically re-enabled, and subsequent calls will not display your phone number unless you disable caller ID blocking again.

Limitations of Caller ID Blocking

While caller ID blocking can be a helpful tool for protecting your privacy, there are limitations to the feature. For example, some individuals may choose not to answer calls from unknown or blocked numbers, making it difficult to reach them if you have caller ID blocking enabled. Additionally, some phone systems may be able to bypass caller ID blocking and display the caller’s phone number, regardless of whether or not caller ID blocking is enabled.