Who is 888 811 2323

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The phone number 888-811-2323 is a toll-free number that is owned and operated by American Express, a financial services company that provides a variety of credit card, banking, and financial management services to consumers and businesses worldwide. The number is used by American Express for a variety of purposes, including customer service, account management, and fraud prevention.

Customer Service and Account Management

One of the main uses of 888-811-2323 is for customer service and account management. American Express customers who have questions or concerns about their credit card or account can call the number to speak with a customer service representative who can help them resolve their issue. The number can also be used to access account information, such as account balance, recent transactions, and payment due dates.

Fraud Prevention and Security

In addition to customer service and account management, 888-811-2323 is also used by American Express for fraud prevention and security purposes. If American Express suspects fraudulent activity on a customer’s account, they may call the customer using the number to verify the transaction and prevent further unauthorized charges. Additionally, the number may be used to provide customers with information about security best practices and to help them protect their accounts from unauthorized access or fraudulent activity.