What happens when you dial * 57

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Understanding Call Trace

*57 is a call trace feature that is used to identify the origin of a harassing or threatening call. When you dial *57 immediately after receiving a call, the call is traced and the information is forwarded to law enforcement. The call trace feature is used to help identify and prosecute individuals who use the phone to harass or threaten others.

How Call Trace Works

When you dial *57, the call trace feature collects information about the incoming call, including the time and date of the call, and the phone number of the caller. This information is then forwarded to the phone company, who can provide the information to law enforcement upon request. The call trace feature is only activated when the call is considered to be harassing or threatening in nature.

Limitations of Call Trace

While call trace can be a helpful tool in identifying and prosecuting individuals who use the phone to harass or threaten others, there are limitations to the feature. For example, call trace only works for calls that are received on a landline phone, and may not work for calls received on a mobile phone. Additionally, call trace does not provide immediate feedback to the user, and it may take some time for the information to be forwarded to law enforcement and for action to be taken.