Why is Samsung called S20

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Why is Samsung called S20?

Samsung’s naming convention for its flagship smartphone lineup is typically based on the year of release and the number of the model. For example, the Galaxy S9 was released in 2018, and the S10 in 2019. However, the reason for the S20 moniker is a bit more complicated.

Marketing Strategy

According to Samsung, the company chose the name S20 to better align with its overall brand strategy and messaging. The number 20 represents a new era of mobile technology, and by jumping from S10 to S20, Samsung hoped to convey a significant upgrade in technology and features for its flagship phone.

Eliminating Confusion with 2020

Another reason for the S20 name change was to avoid confusion with the year 2020. If Samsung had continued with its usual naming convention, the next phone would have been the Galaxy S11. However, the number 11 could have been misinterpreted as a model from 2011 or a lower-end device compared to the iPhone 11, which was released in the same year.

In summary, Samsung’s decision to name its flagship smartphone lineup S20 was driven by its brand strategy and messaging, as well as a desire to avoid confusion with the year 2020. The name change represented a significant upgrade in technology and features, as well as a shift in Samsung’s approach to naming its devices.